(2018-07-05) 2nd SimPL Workshop (KIST, Aug.1, 2018)The 2nd SimPL Workshop will be held in KIST on August 1, 2018.   In order to join the workshop, please send an e-mail to Ms. Yerang Ryu at Virtual Lab Co. SimPL-icon
(2018-03-12) ACCMS-PRO will be launched in Nano Korea 2018Asia Consortium on Computational Materials Science (ACCMS) will start its second phase activity with the name of ACCMS-PRO (Pre-real organization). KIST is to play a role of host for the ACCMS-PRO activities. A meeting to prepare the ACCMS-PRO activity will be held during Nano Korea 2018 Symposium (July 13, 2018) at KINTEX. Details are available here.   NK2018
(2017-12-20) SimPL Developer Workshop (2017.12.15 Millenium Hilton, Seoul)One-day workshop for developing plug-ins and pages was held in Seoul on Dec. 15, 2017. Present version of SimPL (Simulation Platform Creator) was introduced and tutorial for building plug-ins and pages were given to all participants from our project team. SimPL system is composed of their contributed plug-ins.


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(2017-07-21) Workshop on Advanced Methods for Nano Materials Design (2017.7.14, KINTEX)The workshop was successful with full of lecture room. Activity of the symposium can be found here. We thank all the invited speakers for the excellent presentations and the participants who made the workshop very exciting.